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Ian’s Weekly Wave

The Door Study

A tourist visiting a university is approached by a student with a map asking for directions.

The tourist is unaware that the student is participating in a study.

As they talk, three other students (also participants) carrying a door, walk between the tourist and the student, briefly obscuring the tourist from the student.

Hidden by the door, the student asking for directions swaps with another student, and the door carriers pass through.

The tourist resumes helping the new student, oblivious he’s a different person.

Half the tourists who unknowingly participated in this study, did not notice the swap.

You can choose from hundreds of Agents who will sell your property.

Click or call if you’re someone who notices the difference.

November 8, 2022

Let Me Be Your Sherpa

Summiting Everest is not on my bucket list.

That goal shouldn’t be on anyone’s list.

I doubt it was on Sir Edmund Hillary’s vision board.

He would have known eight times as many people die on the way down – as do going up.

The true goal isn’t going up … it’s to get safely back down.

I crave the thrill of bringing you a big offer on your property.

I live for seeing the look on your face or hearing you gasp down the phone.

But if my experience says it’s not high enough – trust me with bringing you back down to earth.

Then watch me take you even higher.

Click or call and let me sell your storey.

November 1, 2022

Spit and Polish

I never cleaned my school shoes.

Then I started using a brush.

Looking good.

Until I saw a spit polished pair.

Sat down with a tin of Parade Gloss and soft cloth wrapped around my index finger.

First just the toe caps.

But the blemishes stood out in the remainder.

So, I polished the whole shoe.

Every day.

The better I got at making reflections, the more I revealed imperfections.

I ended up walking around with a pair of mirrors.

Forty years on, they award an annual trophy of my mounted shoe.

The more you shine – you discover there’s more to shine.

I’ve been polishing my selling skills for two decades.

Click or call and let me buff your storey.

October 25, 2022

May I Introduce You

I’ve been an I and not a We for nearly two years.

I grew big enough to be small.

Ian Barnes.



But I’m not working entirely alone.

I’ve had a partner for over twenty years.

Growing as I grew.

My advance party.

Always one step ahead of me – out working the Market.

On duty 24/7.

Cultivating all the potential buyers of your property.

Entering the room where your buyer waits to negotiate with me.

Standing alongside me when I’m auctioning your property.

While you and I are popping the champagne cork – my partner is already out finding new listings and buyers.

My Reputation.

It precedes me.

Click or call and let the three of us get together.

October 18, 2022

Except for That One Time

A mate routinely exaggerated.

‘I will never, ever, EVER ride a Japanese motorbike.’

‘There is absolutely NO WAY I’ll wear ripped jeans.’

We’d respond to his emphatic ‘always’ or ‘nevers’ with:

‘… Except for that one time…’.

When I read a breathless advertisement declaring ‘totally committed to…’ or ‘…unmatched by…’ I think:

‘Except for that one time.’

Ring when I’m with my daughter, I won’t answer.

Propose to meet when I’ve got my gym session and I’ll suggest another time.

If an offer on your property isn’t right, I’ll be frank with you and risk losing my commission.

You’ve got my full attention.

… except for that one time.

Click or call and let me sell your storey.

(Except …)

October 11, 2022



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