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Ian’s Weekly Wave

The Director’s Cut

Remember watching movies on DVD and the Bonus Features?

With the Director’s Commentary?

Once you’d watched the movie, you could watch it again with an audio overlay of the Director explaining details about each scene.

Before DVDs – there were Album Liner Notes.

I’d sit in the pulsating glow of my Marantz Graphic Equaliser listening to my vinyl LP of Dire Straits ‘Making Movies’ with the album sleeve open on my lap.

Squinting at the description of who played what instrument on ‘Tunnel of Love’.

Your property tells its own story.

I’m its Director’s Commentary and Liner Notes.

Drawing buyers’ attention to features overlooked.

Deepening their appreciation of the home you’ve created.

Click or call and let me sell your storey.

December 13, 2022

I Salute You

In days of old, a knight would come across another knight.

They would warily approach, both covered in armour, each with one hand poised on their sword, ready to defend themselves.

One would eventually raise their hand from their weapon and push their visor up to reveal their eyes.

By lifting his hand away from his sword to expose his face, the knight signalled he was not a threat, and that he trusted the stranger.

The origins of the military salute.

Each Tuesday, I approach with my Weekly Wave.

I discard the sales cliché and trust you with a crisp, 120-word personal story.

My invitation to trust me with your storey.

Click or call and let me sell your castle.

December 6, 2022


Every gram on board an aircraft counts.

The heavier the Dreamliner, the more fuel it needs.

The more fuel, the heavier it gets.

The heavier it gets, the less time the Dreamliner can do what aircraft do best:


Which explains why Qantas designed new crockery, glassware, cutlery, linen, and trolley carts when it introduced Perth to London flights.

Improvements designed for customers to cruise non-stop.

Two years ago, I lightened my load.

Farewelled my property management clients to focus on sales.

Shed my receptionist, office, and trophy cabinet.

(And about twenty kilos!)

Instead of cruising, I wanted to soar at one thing:

Selling your property for the best price possible.

Click or call and let me sell your storey.

November 29, 2022


Last Friday, my beautiful first born blessed me with my seventh grandchild.

One minute I’m nursing my daughter in my arms, the next – I’m nursing hers.

The many moments Father Time gently nudges me.

It’s not quite Christmas – but this beautiful addition to my life invited some end of year reflections.

I’m blessed to make a living for twenty years from meeting people seeking my help.

Who invite me into your storeys and stories.

Blessed to do so with my family in this beautiful corner of the world.

Blessed to ‘Wave’ to you each week, and for some of you to kindly ‘Wave’ back.

Thank you for blessing my life, and our community.

I wish you blessings in return.

November 22, 2022


I saw photos of US General Petraeus and General Eisenhower side by side.

General Petraeus led forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I counted about 30 ribbons and badges in rows from above his left breast pocket to his epaulettes, and another half dozen on his right.

General Eisenhower commanded the forces who stormed the Normandy beaches on D-Day and went on to liberate Europe from the Nazis.

I counted about four on his uniform.

I felt better I chose to do away with my trophy cabinet – and my reception and office.

My campaign ribbons are scattered along the leafy streets of Applecross and surrounding suburbs.

Sellers, buyers, and their stories.

Click or call and let me sell your storey.

November 15, 2022



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