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Ian’s Weekly Wave

Doing A Lot to Do a Doolittle

In WWII, Lieutenant Colonel Doolittle had a Mission:

To fly B25s further than their design range.

He removed all unnecessary baggage.

Even its guns, leaving him vulnerable to attack.

I’ve been doing a lot – to do a Doolittle – preparing my Mission tell sell your home.

Abandoning redundant marketing razzle-dazzle accumulated over 20 years in Real Estate.

I’ve ditched ‘Real Estate’, leaving ‘Agent’.

Trimmed my newsletter to a punchy 120 words to respect your time.

Most stuff I’ve chosen to discard. Some wrenched by the slipstream of Life.

My choice for authenticity leaves me vulnerable.

Yet I’m Soaring.

All our Mission needs is:

Your home – and a SOLD sticker.

Click or call and let me sell your storey.

June 29, 2021

Storey Selling

Let me tell you a story.
I want to sell your storey.
(That’s not a typo.)

My job is to sell your property (however many storeys) at the best possible price.

I’ll let you in on a Real Estate secret.

Buyers don’t pay top dollar for bricks and bathrooms and square metres.

They picture themselves owning your property.

Imagining their family and friends and their future in your storey so it becomes their story.

We all buy a story before we buy the storey.

My job as your Agent is to write the story for you to sell.

I’ve spent twenty years in Real Estate selling storeys.

Click or call to invite me to begin to sell yours.


June 25, 2021

I’m Back

I’m back.

Like many of you, I’ve taken time away to make business and life changes.

Some forced, most chosen.

I’ve trimmed down my business – and my body!

After nearly 20 years in Real Estate, I’ve never felt better equipped to serve you.

A difficult year gifted me clarity about what is important:

Relationships. Authentic. Honest. Real.

I’m eager to give you my personalised attention.

No more ‘We’, ‘Our’, ‘Us’.

Just I. Me. Ian.

If you want Big – then you know who my competitors are.

Their offices and signs are everywhere.

If you want Bespoke – Personal – Authentic, Elite, then let’s sell your property together.

I’m back.

Call me for a Free Appraisal of your Property.


June 10, 2021



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