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Ian Barnes Profile

Storey /ˈstɔːri/ noun: a part of a building comprising all the rooms that are on the same level.

Story /ˈstɔːri/ noun: an account, often spoken, of what happened to someone or of how something happened

A good real estate agent is a storyteller.

I tell a story to sell your storeys.

I match you with buyers eager to create their own story.

I’ve been selling storeys for nearly two decades.

My peers generously recognised my skill by awarding me Grandmaster six times and Master Salesperson twice.

Those rewards come second to the satisfaction of my clients’ referrals and repeat business.

This is my story.

Allow me to sell your storey.

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1 Awarded Grandmaster 6 times (REIWA)

2 Awarded Master Sales person twice (REIWA)

3 National Sales person of the year twice (LAA)

4 Published Author

5 Licensed Auctioneer

6 International Real Estate speaker Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand

7 Interstate speaker for the Real Estate Academy (Sydney, New Zealand, Canberra, Melbourne)

8 Invited speaker REIWA conference 2008 and 2014

9 Group Trainer for a large Franchise Group 2006, 2007, 2008

10 Market Expert in Applecross & Mount Pleasant based on sales volume and number of sales made since Agency opened on 16/1/2009 (Source: Complete Data, REIWA.com)

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  • My Industry Leading “Risk Reversal” Satisfaction Guarantee