Do you want your home advertised or sold?

June 4, 2010

Often times, owners in an area perceive lots of for sale signs as evidence of market share, or ability to sell properties.

Recently, we at Evolution Realty compiled a list of all sales made in Applecross and Mount Pleasant combined since 1st January 2010, and the results are compelling.


We have made 17 sales (20.2% of the market) in that period, the second best agent has made 10 sales (11.9% of the market) and the third best agent has made 8 sales (9.5%) of the market. In other words the top 3 agents have made 40% of the sales.

The fourth best through to the 15th best agents have made no more than 3 and as little as one sale in this time.

Therefore the choice of agent can have a MASSIVE impact on the outcome.

After 90 days there are in fact only 3 outcomes:

1) SOLD– live happy ever after

2) STILL ON MARKET– unhappy with/ sack agent and start again

3) MARKET REJECTION– stale property, significant loss of value as perceived rejection by buyers at whatever price is being asked. Usually massive price reduction required.

Our results speak for themselves. We know how to market, price correctly, attract buyers, close and negotiate outcomes that are win/win.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you must deal with the agent that is selling almost twice as much as the next best agent in Applecross and Mount Pleasant.